M.Artificial Intelligence is an Italian company born to offer vertical solutions in RPA and AI through implementations in the field of Intelligent Automation.

We are a Startup in the field of Intelligent Automation with a mix of resources that cover the different souls of the approach to the digitalization of companies through the paradigm of Process Automation.

A passion for digital transformation

M.AI offers cutting-edge solutions in the field of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence, driving digital transformation with experience and innovation.


We are pioneers of RPA automation and Intelligent Automation in Italy. Our consultancy aims to (re)innovate existing business processes.


Through consultancy, we can easily identify those business processes that can be optimized through the introduction of new technologies.


Our specialized RPA consultancy transforms business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We leverage AI to provide solutions that improve decision-making and operational efficiency.

An array of services

We offer a range of services designed to help companies leverage the benefits of intelligent automation. Our services include:

  • Consultation on Digital Transformation and Digital Automation
  • Pure Tech Discovery: Our team of experts can help you identify automation opportunities and AI applications and provide support on the latest technologies.
  • Integration: We provide end-to-end support for RPA projects, from analysis to development and production.
  • Maintenance on Existing Installations: We can help you improve and optimize your existing automation installations.
  • AMS: Our Control Room provides a centralized platform for managing your digital workforce, and our team can help you identify opportunities for evolution and optimization.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field and our focus on delivering real business value, we are confident we can help your organization achieve its automation goals.